August 2019 – Jenny Lake – Grand Teton National Park

Go directly to Jenny Lake. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just GO.

Watch the video of our canoeing experience HERE!

My goal in the Grand Tetons was just to LOOK at the mountains for as long as possible. Prior to our trip, I was doing a little research and saw that we could rent kayaks or canoes AT the Jenny Lake Boathouse. For most folks, that’s where they get on the shuttles that will take you across the lake. For us, that’s where we picked up our activity and spent some quality time on the water.

We started going around the lake counter-clockwise and went to the north end for some amazing views of the canyon, the small creek that moves String Lake over to Jenny Lake.

Once we made it over by the West Dock for the shuttle, we realized it was after lunch and we were HUNGRY! So we paddled across the middle of the lake, when the wind kicked up, and the shuttles were flying by.

A couple of pointers:

  • Get there early. They appeared to only have 10 kayaks and 10 canoes and once they’re out, you get put on a waitlist.
  • The lake is super calm in the morning. It gets a little breezy when the clouds roll in during the afternoon.

Happy Canoeing!

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