December 2019 – Canemah Bluff Nature Park

We capped off our official year of hiking in Oregon City!

You can watch the video of our hike HERE!

If you’re in or around the Portland Metro area, I highly recommend visiting this gem of a nature park in the heart of the historic Canemah District. There are gorgeous views of the river, excellent bird-watching opportunities, lots of lush ferns to oogle over, and a great forested area that makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the woods. And yet you’re minutes from town.

As a note, there’s a pioneer cemetery on-site, located on private property. While it’s interesting to see, you cannot enter due to the large fence with barbed wire that surrounds it. I’d recommend NOT making the trek up to the cemetery, and letting those historic bones rest in peace.

Per the usual, parking is limited! There are also no dogs allowed on the trails, so please keep that in mind if you’re thinking of bringing Spot for a loop around the park.

Happy Hiking, friends!

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