January 2021 – Mt. Tabor Park

If you live in or around Portland, Oregon and you want to get outside for some fresh air, there are obviously plenty of places to go, but one of the top spots has to be Mt. Tabor Park in Southeast Portland.

And when you get such a beautiful view of downtown Portland, it all makes sense.

Let’s face it, in SE Portland, parking is challenging everywhere and this park is no different. There is a main lot, but it’s not very big so plan to get there early, or find some street parking.

If you find a spot near “the stairs” then you can choose to make it to the summit via those famous stairs or you can hop on one of the many trails to wind your way up to the top or around to the different reservoirs.

There are three different water reservoirs (only two were open when we were there), which are fun to walk around and look at. Extra fun fact: all of the reservoirs are on the National Register of Historic Places!

Unrelated to walking around, during the summer (in non-pandemic times), there’s also an epic soap box derby that takes place in the park! We went a few years back and it’s exciting to watch other people fly down the paved paths in their creative soap box cars. It’s a MUST-do if you happen to be in the Portland area in mid-August.

Happy New Year, Friends! Cheers to a healthy and safe 2021!

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