July 2019 – Cape Blanco State Park – Cape Blanco Lighthouse

First off, if you received a post about Kauai in your inbox last Sunday-ish, I’m so sorry! An inexplicable WordPress gremlin managed to post that one again. Ugh. Technology some days. Okay, onto the real fun for today!

Maybe it’s obvious from our previous trips to Warrior Rock or Cape Disappointment, but there’s something I can’t help but appreciate when it comes to lighthouses.

You can watch the video from our Cape Blanco adventure HERE!

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March 2019 – Cape Disappointment – North and McKenzie Heads Trail

**Spoiler Alert**—Cape Disappointment was NOT disappointing. In fact, I think we can safely say that it exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to go back and explore more of the area!

Cape Disappointment State Park is on the southwestern part of the coast in Washington State. There is a $10 day use fee, although if you plan on visiting more Washington State Parks, I’d recommend a Discover Pass, as the annual pass is only $30. It’s pretty simple to get to from Portland, but also makes for a fairly long day-trip. There are campsites and wonderful day-use spaces within the part of the park that we ventured to, but I can imagine it can get a bit chaotic during the summer months.

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