June 2019 – Olympic National Park – Sol Duc Falls

Sometimes a simple hike is all you need in life. I’ll go ahead and trademark that quote right now. I’m sure there’s some paperwork involved, but if you see this quote on the interwebs, I’m guessing they got it from this moment. Right here. Orrrrr maybe I’m not the first person to type it. But I feel like it. Too much tangent? Okay, I’ll stop. The fact remains: sometimes a simple hike is all you need in life.

The Sol Duc Falls (aka Soleduck Falls) hike, just happens to be the inspiration for my new Pinterestingly, Instagrammable quote (insert all appropriate hashtags here). PS. You can watch the video of our hike HERE!

Olympic National Park, like all National Parks, is a gem. We spent the weekend in the Park, camping at Second Beach (be on the lookout for that post in a week or so), and on Saturday we took a drive up to the Sol Duc Falls trailhead and went on the nicest, simplest hike of only 1.6 miles round-trip. And we enjoyed every single minute of it.

The weather was perfect. The crowds were pretty light as we set off. The destination falls were less than a mile in. Oh. And they were gorgeous.

A couple of things to note:

  • There are picnic tables and trash cans/aluminum recycling at the trailhead, so pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors. Worth. It.
  • No dogs are allowed on the trail. No dogs are allowed on the trail. No dogs are allowed on the trail. Please don’t be that person.
  • This location seems to be a popular starting point for multi-night backpackers. Be prepared to see folks with large packs.
  • You’ll need to pay to enter this section of the park. While we could have paid $30 for our vehicle, we opted to get the Annual Pass for all National Parks (dun dun dunnnnn….where will we go next?).

As I said, the hike itself is pretty easy, if you’re just going over to the falls. There was some slight ascents and descents, but they are mild and you might not even feel strained.

Oh, and there are benches when you get to the falls. Simple. Easy. Delightful.

You saw that coming, right?

Happy Hiking!

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