July 2019 – Humbug Mountain State Park – Humbug Mountain Trail

We hiked to the top of another mountain in Oregon! This time, it was 1,756 feet high and there wasn’t any snow. Just take in that view from the top.

In fairness, based on our research, that hasn’t been the view for very long, but we are SO glad it is now. You can watch the video from our hike up to the top here.

The trailhead for this hike is right off of Hwy 101, and there is PLENTY of parking. If you happen to camp in the Humbug Mountain State Park campground across the street, you can actually meander to the trailhead within the campground–there is a bridge across the stream as you’re heading into loop 28-95. After crossing the bridge, go through the tunnel and pop up on the other side of the highway, right at the start of the trail.

I won’t lie to you, the first mile was pretty brutal. It was all uphill and we were frequently checking our watches to see how far we’d gone, only to be disappointed that it was less than a quarter of a mile the distance from the last time we checked.

Almost exactly at the one mile marker, there was a fork in the trail and a bench. We ended up taking the East Trail up and down, due to my error, but most recommendations I saw said to take the West Trail up and the East Trail down. I didn’t mind the gentle incline on the way up or the decline on the way down, but it did may the hike a full 3 miles up and 3 miles down. Word on the street is that the West Trail offers a few more views but can get quite strenuous, although the distance is a bit shorter.

Once at the top, everything was worth it.

We had a snack, sat down on one of the two benches that are up there, and enjoyed the quiet.

In all, we saw only about a dozen people during the whole hike, which probably explains why I was covered in spiderwebs on the way up, since no one had been through yet in the morning!

In total the hike took us one and a half hour to get to the top and about an hour to get down (taking the East Trail both times).

Just don’t be afraid to stop and look at all of the nature happening around you! The vegetation is gorgeous, there’s fungi growing, plus you might see banana slugs and butterflies, and be careful of the small snakes scurrying around the sunshine.

Oh, and the worst bugs are in and around the small creek that you fjord. I promise it’s not too bad. The creek fjording that is. The bugs are incessant. It might not hurt to pack the bug spray.

Happy Hiking!

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