November 2019 – Death Valley – Harmony Borax Works

Unexpected finds are the best part of traveling, in my humble opinion. The Harmony Borax Works was one of our biggest unexpected finds of the trip!

You can watch a short video of our visit HERE!

I’ll be honest, there isn’t a LOT to see, but it is interesting, the views are outstanding, and you can continue on through Mustard Canyon. We had a strict “no dirt roads” policy by this day, so we didn’t drive through the canyon, but saw other vehicles heading that direction.

A couple of tips for “The Works”:

  • The parking lot is kind of small, but if you get there early, you’ll likely be the only car/people there (we had that benefit!).
  • There is an ADA accessible part of the interpretive trail, which joins up to the parking lot.
  • The wagon is absolutely gorgeous up close and personal. It’s hard to imagine 20-mule teams pulling the behemoth!
  • It’s a quick stop, but worth it!

Happy Traveling, friends!

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