April 2020 – Row River Trail

Check out the video!

Instead of walking the path, we took this as an opportunity to warm up our biking legs and took our bicycles. It also allowed us to easily get out of the way of walkers and runners. I’ve never been so acutely aware of human closeness.

The trail itself is an old railroad track that’s been transformed into a multi-use path. That means going across some pretty cool old bridges that appear to be over-engineered for a path, but makes sense when you think back to trains running across them.

Another cool offering from the trail: covered bridges. We were able to see two of them, and just stopped at one.

Overall, we were outside for less than three hours. But even that small amount of adventure and sunshine were enough to get us through the next few days of being cooped up in the house, while it poured down rain.

With murmurings of potential recreation openings in the next few weeks, we are determined to stay home as much as possible, since we’ll hopefully get able to get back out (safely) soon.

Stay safe and stay healthy, friends!

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