May 2020 – Cazadero Trail

The really cool part of this trail is that it’s actually a paved road, only used by the local electric company. We didn’t encounter any of their vehicles moving but did see one parked at one of the dams.

The road follows along the Clackamas River and drops you off at the North Fork Reservoir. And the views are stunning.

There’s also a fish ladder along the river to help out the salmon trying to get upstream. Sadly, it’s a little hard to grab a good picture since they’re surrounded by chain-linked fence (which I totally understand). Instead here are a couple of other pretty pictures I was able to grab:

The road itself is just over 4 miles long, and makes for a great out-and-back without too much strenuous elevation change. There were walkers, runners, and other bicyclists out at the same time we were.

I’ll be honest our 2020 hiking adventures aren’t quite what I had planned. BUT, I’m so grateful we can still get out and enjoy nature, even in a pandemic!

Happy Hiking AND Biking, friends!

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