November 2019 – Death Valley – Badwater Basin

One of the first stops on our Death Valley adventure was the lowest spot in North America: Badwater Basin.

You can watch our short video here!

There are a few things I’d say about Badwater:

  • It RAINED while we were there! That’s a rare occurrence, so don’t get your hopes up that it will happen when you visit (because you MUST visit).
  • While it looks like we’re walking on some sort of snowy substance, it’s actually a salt pan. The NPS allows you to walk on the salt pan as far as you want, but you do have to also walk back. Keep that in mind, especially during the warm months.
  • There’s a sign on the mountain next to the parking lot that indicates sea level. It’s challenging to get a picture of the sign, because it’s SOOO high compared to where you are.
  • If you haven’t purchased a park pass, there’s a spot in the parking lot where you can do that!

Happy Traveling, friends!

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