November 2019 – Death Valley – Artists Drive and Devils Golf Course

For short trips into Death Valley, these are two incredibly easy sights to see! Both are magical (in their own ways) and both have landscapes you won’t find many other places. You can watch our short video here!

Artists Drive

If you decide to take Artists Drive, please keep in mind (and respect) the maximum length of you vehicle can only be 25 feet (7.6 meters). The road is completely paved, but things get tight near the end of the road AND parking without blocking others would be impossible. Again, please respect the length restrictions.

The drive itself is about 9 miles, and you get some breathtaking views! The first pullout parking lot gives you a chance to venture up a ridge and see the colorful landscapes. Parking to see Artists Palette is an absolute must! We may have had a day with flat light and eminent rain, but the mountains still sang with color.

Devil’s Golf Course

Talk about a bad day on the golf course, you’d constantly be losing your golf balls if this was a real course. Luckily, it’s not!

The formations are really fun to peruse and meander over. Similar to Badwater, the NPS allows you to go as far as you want in this part of the park, as there is no designated trail. But keep in mind that as far as you go out is as far as you have to come back! Shade is non-existent on this “course,” so make smart choices.

Happy Traveling, friends!

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