February 2020 – Tualatin Hills Nature Park Loop

Welcome to the first of a few “busy season” hikes, where we are almost literally hiking around our backyard for a few hours on Sundays. In February, we took a turn in the Tualatin (pronounced: Two-All-Uh-Tin) Hills Nature Park.

You can watch our video below!

It’s amazing that we had never been here and experienced the park. While there are a couple of paved paths for great accessibility, there are also boardwalks to preserve the wetlands, and trails that take you into deeply forested areas. All within a fairly developed neighborhood in Beaverton, Oregon (REALLY close to the Nike campus).

In typical Oregon fashion, the day started out gray and overcast, but there were promises of sunshine later in the day and we were holding out hope! The weather delivered and about an hour into our hike, we were graced with a break in the clouds and semi-warm sunshine.

There are (of course) a few things to know about the park:

  • This park doesn’t allow dogs, leashed or unleashed, as there are a LOT of birds and other wildlife that live in the wetlands.
  • The trails are well-marked, well-maintained, and there are a number of little loops if you’re looking for a quick jaunt in the park.
  • Like I mentioned before, the park is in the midst of a neighborhood, near a MAX (light rail train) stop, so it’s a popular hot spot for runners, walkers, and families. Be prepared to have folks surrounding you. You may even see and hear a train or two go by.
  • I get the feeling that during the summer the parking lot fills up quick, but you can take light rail to a nearby stop, if you don’t want to fight the crowds! OH, and they host spring break and summer camps, so keep that in mind too!

The trails are all flat, albeit a little muddy during the rainy season, which is to be expected. We took a full loop of the park, called the Tualatin Hills Nature Park Loop a la the AllTrails app. It’s a bit of an awkward figure eight, but it takes you to all the corners of the park and lets you experience everything the park has to offer.

Have I mentioned there’s also a nature center near the parking lot? It’s great for families!

If you find yourself near Nike and in desperate need to take a walk in the woods, I can’t help but recommend the Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Happy Hiking, friends!

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