March 2020 – Sauvie Island – Wapato Greenway

I think the theme of our March hike was SPRING! We headed out on March 1st, and yet so many plants and trees were flowering, including the Japanese Cherry Blossoms! For those keeping track at home, spring doesn’t officially kick off until March 19th.

Video is posted below!

Before heading up to Sauvie Island, we checked a couple of things:

  1. The AllTrails app to determine the conditions we would be experiencing (muddy!)
  2. Would we need a parking pass? The answer is nope! Not for this spot on the island. Parking is limited at this park, so get there early. FYI: You would need a parking pass if you’re heading up to the wildlife area on the northeast part of Sauvie (which I can’t recommend enough).
  3. Bathroom situation?? Dire. There are no vault toilets, flushing toilets, or port-a-potties. Go at home or stop somewhere along the way.

As with the other hikes we’ve gone on in 2020, the day started gray but blossomed (see what I did there??) into a gorgeous, blue sky day, which helped make spring feel real!

The loop around Virginia Lake is a couple of miles. There’s a ton of vegetation, a few cows, and LOTS of birds. This would be another great place to go birding!

And now for a flood of pretty pictures:

Happy Hiking, friends!

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