March 2020 – Molalla River State Park

The early stages of the COVID-19 “spread” had just started when we made our way to the river. Ben had been working from home most of the week, and I had been at a client site. We needed a little outdoorsy time, away from the house.

Lucky for us, it was a GORGEOUS day! Check out the video below!

I feel a bit like a broken record, but this was the first time I had ever been to this park, and it was the perfect way to get in some sunshine and take in the beautiful views of the Molalla and Willamette Rivers (a two-fer!). There are some trails, but it’s also a nice place to just stroll around. There’s also plenty of room for dogs too!

First thing to note: There seems to be plenty of parking, although I imagine it can get busy in the summertime, when folks aren’t self-isolating.

Second thing: must come back and bring a picnic, friends, and a frisbee or soccer ball once we’re allowed to congregate in groups of more than ten.

Third thing: don’t forget to take in all the nature, cause it’s a beaut here!

Happy hiking/strolling, friends! But please don’t forget to obey the rules and regulations put in place to keep you safe by the jurisdiction you live in!

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