July 2020 – Oswald West State Park – Cape Falcon Trail

Mud. Mud. Mud.

But gosh, was it worth it! Check out the video below!

I know it’s probably not easy to see, but this trail was mostly mud and tree roots! We had read reviews mentioning the mud and to be careful, but it’s hard to understand the gravity of it until you’re on the trail, experiencing it! Honestly, the worst part is that your boots (please wear boots or other trail shoes that have good traction!) get so caked and there are lots of little smooth rocks that make it slippery! I fell once and probably would have taken a few more tumbles, but started going MUCH slower after losing traction the first time.

But beyond the mud, it was LOVELY! The weather was perfect and the trail was pretty light on the way out to the cape. Plus, you don’t really feel the elevation change except for a couple of spots.

When you make it to the end though, the whole thing is completely worth it! Check out these views:



I could have sat and watched the waves all day. BUT, we had to make our way back for some lunch.

A couple of quick notes:

  • We arrived at the trailhead parking lot right around 10am on a Sunday and there were plenty of options. Restrooms are accessible after crossing the road (watch out for cars!) and taking a short path to the bigger parking lot down the way.
  • The parking lot was F-U-L-L when we got back around 2pm-ish.
  • If you want to skip Cape Falcon and head straight to the beach, you can access the shorter trail to the beach from the parking lot with the restrooms.
  • Bring you lunch, you won’t regret it!
  • Don’t forget your mask! The trail gets VERY narrow in spots.
  • There are also a couple of sections that are overgrown. If you can get over the mud, the overgrowth isn’t that bad at all.

Happy Hiking, Friends! Stay safe out there!

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