September 2020 – Whatcom Falls Park

When life gives you quiet days, you go to a city park to check out a beautiful waterfall!

Our quiet day in Northern Washington took us to Bellingham. The air quality still wasn’t great, so I’m sure we missed out on some amazing views, but the park was gorgeous and just starting to see inklings towards autumn.

Other notes about the park:

  • There are intense mountain biking trails within the park. If you love mountain biking, be sure to check them out!
  • We saw a number of different parking lots around the perimeter, I’d recommend finding the one closest to the activity you want to do.
  • The best view of the falls is from a stone bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful too!
  • This wasn’t really a “hike”…it was a stroll, but it was exactly what we needed given the air quality.

Happy Hiking/Strolling, Friends!

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