September 2020 – North Cascades National Park – Trail of the Cedars

This wasn’t the vacation we had planned for months ago, BUT it’s the vacation we lived and we couldn’t complain.

Our trip to the North Cascades National Park was hindered only by the smoke and air quality. We arrived while the wildfires were raging in the west, so we kept most of our adventures light. First stop: the Trail of the Cedars.

Our intention for the day was to explore the western part of North Cascades National Park. By the time that lunch rolled around, we found ourselves in the midst of beauty. We had packed a lunch, so we stopped in front of the Skagit General Store and enjoyed our food under all of the trees. It. Was. A. Ghost. Town.

I can imagine that during a normal summer, the main street is packed with people and parking is impossible. We parked right up front and walked around until we found the suspension bridge leading to the Trail of the Cedars. Honestly, it’s hard to miss.

We took the trail, grateful to be in nature. The air quality was still fairly hazardous, so we kept our time outside short, sweet, and tried to get as much footage as possible.

The trail is a loop and if you take it clockwise, your second half is full of great views of the Skagit River. So if you happen to pass through and the weather’s good, take the loop, and take one extra deep breath for us.

Happy hiking, friends! Please be safe!

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